Pick-Up Lines for Coffee Shop Lines

Contrary to what you might think, pick up lines by definition help start a conversation. Whether you’re looking for a date, or just someone to talk to, sweeten your time waiting on line by starting a lively dialogue. Sharing a little personality before coffee is a beautiful thing.
20 Pick Up Lines for Coffee Shop Lines:

“I bet you a dollar you’d never buy me a coffee.”

“Can I get your opinion on something? What do you think, baseball or basketball?”

“Excuse me, I think it’s time we met.”

“You’re far too cute for this coffee shop… Run away with me.”

“Do you think the barista likes her job, or is she in it for the money?”

“So, what brings you here?”

“How do you look so good before coffee?”

“I have to buy a birthday present for my brother/sister/cousin, any suggestions?”

“Hey. I’m a musician, do me a favor. Get them to sell my CD here.” (Also works for author, book; artist, painting, etc.)

“Oh. Hi. Do you recognize me, from the party? No? Hm. I don’t recognize you either. We’ll have to have coffee, cause we don’t go to the same parties.”

“I double-dog-dare you to buy my coffee when she asks what you want.”

“What’s the code word for ‘spiked coffee?”

“What do you think, would sports be better without sponsors?”

“Would you recommend the milk, the skim milk, or the whipped cream?”

“You seem like a nice person. I want you to have my children. They’re in the car outside.”

“So. Do you think coffee is going to make our day brighter, or is it already too late?”

“Wait. Don’t leave yet. We haven’t had the chance to talk!”

“Can we learn to trust people who don’t drink coffee?”

“OK. I think we should hop the next flight to Paris and try the coffee there.”

“Did you invite these people? I thought it was just going to be the two of us.”

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Meeting Her Parents First Time

We have all heard the story. Jane takes Joe house to meet her parents. Jane’s parents aren’t impressed. But now all Jane can consider is Joe’s interesting fashion sense and his unfocused career. Joe doesn’t know what went wrong. Jane wants her parents can see what she sees.

While first impressions are important, they surely are not everything. Just because the first dinner out with the people didn’t go so well does not mean that the next can’t turn things around. Guys, we know you’re enthusiastic. What you will need to do is determine where to focus that energy. Ladies, you need complete control over this situation too poor. But if you loosen up a bit and talk-up your man, your people may spend somewhat less criticizing and a bit more time observing. Below are some real practical strategies for how to make about two a success.

Advice for the men:

Make eye-contact. We all know you can do it. You can hold quite a stare when you are looking into her pretty blue eyes. That likely means you can glance at mother once in a while, to show her you’re listening. This may also help you monitor with the conversation topics which will definitely be coming at you fast. But remember about daddy. He has it in his mind that avoidance equals guilt. Look him the eye and show him that you’re confident and that you’re sticking around.

If you are unable to do this, there’s absolutely not any hope for you.

Listening can earn you a great deal of points with anybody, especially parents. However it is not enough merely to listen you must also demonstrate that you’re listening. Listening will show that you’re interested in them, not simply their own daughter. Consider it; if somebody asks you a question, your immediate thought is, they would like to know the response, so, they would like to know me. Asking considerate questions won’t only flatter her parents, it is going to produce an immediate connection.

She knows that her parents better than anybody. Perhaps her parents hate when folks talk about work during dinner. Maybe they love to discuss their holiday home in Colorado. You want her help.

Advice for the women:

Don’t tell your people about the fights. When things are going great with your man, you’re out together enjoying your connection. But when things are rugged, your first inclination is to reach for the telephone. It’s great that you’re close with your mother, but calling her right after you and your boyfriend have had an argument isn’t the thing to do. The truth is that your parents will recall those fights long when you’ve forgotten them. You may not understand that mom and dad are only hearing the negatives about your connection. They don’t know that he surprised you with flowers in the office a week. They don’t know that he makes you laugh ’til that you cry. They just know what you tell them. What is it that you’re telling them?

You should be telling your parents about the fantastic stuff. All they need is to get their little girl to be happy. Show them how happy you’re by not being afraid to gush about your man. Your father may roll his eyes, but he’s searching for signs that his princess is bring treated correctly. Your mother wants you to be with somebody who appreciates how wonderful you are. Tell her about the sweet things he’s done for you recently.

If you boss your boyfriend around and make him feel like a hopeless dope before the big dinner date, then chances are he won’t be at his very best. Tell him to be confident and behave like himself. After all, that’s the person that you’re falling for, right?

Tell your upcoming mother-in-law a secret. When it comes to fulfilling his mother, some fantastic old-fashioned secret-swapping will do just fine. Tell mom something sweet that her son did for you. Tell her about a particular moment in your relationship. Even better, tell her something that you have not even told him yet. And be sure you thank her for raising her son right, a line you’ll have to memorize.

Try a few of these tips. But most of all be sure to relax rather than over-think it. You are going to do fine.

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Meeting Someone Through Online Dating

After talking to someone you’ve met online, the both of you choose to meet in real life. Consider the meeting possibilities available. Placing your security first when meeting in real life is of the upmost importance. Females should be very cautious when meeting people they’ve met online. Although both of you might have spent countless hours communication, do not throw caution to the wind.

Take the Online Date into a Public Place

Restaurants are a terrific place to meet. Concerts are just another place to have a first offline date. Places which are secluded or where few men and women are should not be considered. This is especially important for not fulfilling at either person’s house on the first match.

Daytime Dates

Meeting in an area such as Barnes and Noble for coffee or to discuss a book the both of you have in common is another choice. By choosing something the both of you like to do throughout the day which is not at a secluded place can help the both of you get to know each other. Daytime meetings may also help seeing which sort of person they are when it comes to actions that only can occur during the day.

Going on a group date can open other avenues for assembly. If a group date is not doable, let someone know where you’re going, who you’re meeting, and when you are going to be home. This way if something was to happen, somebody knows what both of were doing.

Meeting someone your striking up a relationship online with needs to be safe and fun. Internet dating relationships sometimes do not go as planned. Make certain to keep in mind that your safety comes first and it isn’t important if you’re male or female. Sometimes people lie about themselves and you might not find out until it is too late.

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How to Determine the Type of Guy You’re Dealing With

Why do we women fall for the guy that is a total jerk, but don’t even consider the guy who will do anything to be around us?! The jerk maybe the best looking guy in the room, but if he is verbally or physically abusive, distant, or worse-cheats, it can really break a girl down!

I’ve met with many different guys through dating apps, sites, offline too and even through not very popular free chat line where you chat with people real time on the phone. So yes, I have a lot of experience. I think that when your dealing with a very good-looking guy, usually they already know that, and most likely they take full advantage of that. I’m sure they have a lot of friends, even more female friends, have been around the block a few times, and get the best of everything. So they get arrogant, and think that because they are blessed with looks or a body, that they don’t need to treat a woman well because she is easily replaceable! You may be physically attracted to them, and fall in love, but they have been conditioned to get pretty much anything they want, and if you can’t do that, well they can find someone who will. Then you have the guy that is not the hottest commodity, but he is still cute in his own way. Aside from having more personality than the good-looking jerk, he will treat you like you deserve. They will listen to you when you talk, offer to pay, they enjoy hanging out with you, and never blow you off on purpose. These guys will make you feel like a princess!

Through trial and error I have experienced both types of guys, and I must say that I am tired of dealing with the “guy that every girl wants, and every guy wants to be” when I can have the guy that treats me like I should be.

Here are some of the types of guys I have come across:

The bad boy

This is the guy that breaks the rules, he may be good looking, and he may not be the best. But he attracts you because he gets your heart racing. You do things you haven’t done before, but be careful that you don’t get roped into doing something you don’t want to. These guys also tend to be manipulative on the verge of forceful.

Mr. Popular

Usually this is going to be the guy that will initially attract physically, then being the skilled “player” he is, reel you in. He, for sure, has other women, so you have to keep in mind that you are not going to be his one and only. These are the men who know that they look good, and use it to their advantage, whether it hurts someone else or not. He is quick to break up in relationships because he knows he has other women lined up to be with him.


A.k.a. best guy friend. THIS is the guy you want to really look at, why is he your friend? He’s probably nice to you, listens to you, goes places with you and actually enjoys spending time with you. He may or may not be the best looking. Either way, knows that he needs to treat you right or you just wouldn’t hang out with him!! If you have never thought that way of your BGF, now is the time. Could you ever potentially be with him in a relationship, can you imagine it? Do you have any feelings at all for him, or ever wondered about you two being together? Just because he isn’t a model does not mean that you wouldn’t be happy. Love isn’t about looks, its about a connection emotionally.

There are all kinds of different types of guys, but these are the three main ones that I have come across. Just remember to watch what you do with the bad boys, keep Mr. Popular as your booty call, and Take a second look at the guy you always turn to to talk.

It’s all about knowing boundaries and how to counter-act whatever type of guy you get involved with.

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Learning How to Attract Women

It would be a tragic story to hear a thirty-something year old man still believing in Saint Nick and even more tragic if the exact same thirty-something guy thought it immoral for others to prejudge him because of bad breath. Looks and first impressions do matter! And the sooner we accept this rule the way we accept the rule of gravity, then seducing women by bringing women becomes possible.

Sadly there’re many men who live their entire lives struggling with their appearances, and with a type of chronic disheveled look, as if a dark cloud is hanging over their head. They seem to be always struggling with their intimate lives, or simply struggling to find romance. Their gut tells them they may not be attractive to other women, yet lacks any urgency to change their physical appearance, because they hold steadfast to the adolescent belief the world should not judge them based on their physical appearance, while always seeming shocked at the notion they may be wrong despite the billion-dollar fashion business, the heartthrob movie kingdom, and the literary genre of romance where the wavy-hair-hunk and his white horse orders about half of the market share of fiction. The purpose here’s looks do matter! People do judge others based on their appearances, and it’s big business, evolving big money ensuring others continue to do so.

Unless your mom gave birth to a completely enlighten narcissist, it takes time for most of us to become aware, or accept, the Darwinian world of looking good to draw women. We must never forget humankind also inherits the phenomenon of courting and competing for a mate along with other critters occupying the animal kingdom; such as the glorious array of colors seen fanned out in male peacock’s feathers, the male antelope arching their necks high to display their horns, the desperate sounding little bird yodeling off high-pitch vowels to get a piece of ass.

Of course character, intelligence, and a person’s moral character are also huge factors when trying to seduce women, but remember girls are seduced in as much they let themselves be seduced.

The point here is, don’t let your first impression be your last one due to an unruly nose hair.

It’s just too easy to sit back in your chair with a forty-inch waist and your uncombed hair, smirking like the wise-old-owl bathing in your body odor thinking the world is a shallow place, and how everyone should look past your yellow teeth to admit how incredible you really are.

So no more excuses bro, visit the gym!

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