Learning How to Attract Women

Learning How to Attract Women

It would be a tragic story to hear a thirty-something year old man still believing in Saint Nick and even more tragic if the exact same thirty-something guy thought it immoral for others to prejudge him because of bad breath. Looks and first impressions do matter! And the sooner we accept this rule the way we accept the rule of gravity, then seducing women by bringing women becomes possible.

Sadly there’re many men who live their entire lives struggling with their appearances, and with a type of chronic disheveled look, as if a dark cloud is hanging over their head. They seem to be always struggling with their intimate lives, or simply struggling to find romance. Their gut tells them they may not be attractive to other women, yet lacks any urgency to change their physical appearance, because they hold steadfast to the adolescent belief the world should not judge them based on their physical appearance, while always seeming shocked at the notion they may be wrong despite the billion-dollar fashion business, the heartthrob movie kingdom, and the literary genre of romance where the wavy-hair-hunk and his white horse orders about half of the market share of fiction. The purpose here’s looks do matter! People do judge others based on their appearances, and it’s big business, evolving big money ensuring others continue to do so.

Unless your mom gave birth to a completely enlighten narcissist, it takes time for most of us to become aware, or accept, the Darwinian world of looking good to draw women. We must never forget humankind also inherits the phenomenon of courting and competing for a mate along with other critters occupying the animal kingdom; such as the glorious array of colors seen fanned out in male peacock’s feathers, the male antelope arching their necks high to display their horns, the desperate sounding little bird yodeling off high-pitch vowels to get a piece of ass.

Of course character, intelligence, and a person’s moral character are also huge factors when trying to seduce women, but remember girls are seduced in as much they let themselves be seduced.

The point here is, don’t let your first impression be your last one due to an unruly nose hair.

It’s just too easy to sit back in your chair with a forty-inch waist and your uncombed hair, smirking like the wise-old-owl bathing in your body odor thinking the world is a shallow place, and how everyone should look past your yellow teeth to admit how incredible you really are.

So no more excuses bro, visit the gym!

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